Never Trust a Hippy


As far back as 1977 I have been into music ... Punk ...Goth ...Indie. I used to go see bands quite regularly, but as I got older the bands I liked seemed to fade away. Eventually I got married, had a family, a career and so it all came to a halt, much to the relief of my long-suffering wife. A few years ago though, things started up again!
Having met up with Steve, who was also into the same music, we managed to get tickets for the Sex Pistols at Brixton Academy ... since then ... well ... take a look at the galleries! Our wives do believe that we are having a mid-life crisis. Well ... if this is what one's like, then bring it on!

GutterPunk Concert Photography
I have photographed a fair few bands over the years which are now in alphabetical order. Select from a letter below or pick a band from the dropdown