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Anti-Flag - O2 Islington, London 4.2.20

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs First gig of the year for me, and it's back to the O2 Islington for one of my fave bands, Anti-Flag
I arrived early and the place was already filling up, so I took my spot in the pit and awaiting the start.
First up was a guy and his guitar rather strangely named The Homeless Gospel Choir. He wasn't bad, only played about 5 tracks, one of which was right in the middle of crowd. Everyone seemed to like him though and there were shouts for him to stay on, but it was not be the case. Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Maid of Ace - 4.3.20 O2 Islington, London Next up were Maid of Ace who, as usual, put on an incredible performance. This band really knows how to get an audience going and put out some amazing tracks. It was a shame they were not the main support as they always put their all into each performance.
Following on came The Creepshow. I've only seen The Creepshow once before and that was at Rebellion. I liked them then, and this time I liked them even more. A great Punk/Rockabilly band and a great sound.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Anti-Flag - 4.3.20 O2 Islington, London Finally it was time for the headline act, Anti-Flag. They just blew the place away! Amazing band, really heavy and with a message in every track. The crowd rose to the occasion too and were buoyed by tracks like "Broken Bones", "Trouble Follows Me", "Fabled World", "Unbreakable", "American Attraction", "Brandenburg Gate", "Christian Nationalist" and "Die for Your Government". Great tracks and a great band who can still blast out the best tunes, by the end the crowd were baying for more and more. If Rebellion goes ahead later this year, I will make sure I catch these guys again.
Well, another gig over and I'm so glad I managed to get to see Anti-Flag on this tour.