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Anthrax / Hagar the Womb - Ramsgate Music Hall, Kent 22.6.19

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs A new venue for me, the Ramsgate Music Hall, but with Anthrax and Hagar the Womb plus a few locals to look forward to as well!
A pretty uneventful trip down to Ramsgate. But when I got there I managed to catch up with the folk from Anthrax and Hagar plus a few friends I'd not seen in an age. The venue itself is on three floors with the middle floor being the entrance and very small stage room, and I mean very very small .. but excellent sound and a real personal atmosphere.
The evening started off with Riviera Kid. This is John Huffman's (from Halfwits) new band and I'd not seen them before. I was really impressed and enjoyed the set even though there was not a large turnout as it was still early. Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Hagar the Womb - 22.6.19 Ramsgate Music Hall, Kent Follwing them were another band I'd not seen before, Proud City Fathers, although I'd heard good things about them. They were really very good although chatting to them later they were surprised I thought so as they felt their set was not that good. Anyway, I certainly enjoyed them as did the rest of the crowd which had grown considerably by now.
Next up were an old favourite P.C.F. who as usual were excellent in their own quirky manner. Kays voice always shreeks out and reminds me a lot of early X-Ray Spex. I think they are an acquired taste, but i have always liked them and their off-the-wall brand of punk .. as did the crowd too!
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Anthrax - 22.6.19 Ramsgate Music Hall, Kent Now we hit the headliners and first out of the starting blocks were Hagar the Womb. The Hags are a great band and one that gets better and better the more you see them. Even in this tiny venue they played as though it was a Rebellion stage. The crowd had now grown to almost filling the place, they all seemed to enjoy the band as they danced away to the tracks.
Last up were Anthrax. What a superb band, all their tracks are like singles and they breezed through their set. At one point a few of the crowd joined them on stage and that just seemed to enhance the night. Anthrax are a band that you would expect to be bigger, as the music they play and following they have would dictate it. But still whenever they play it's always bound to be a superb night and this was no excpetion.

System of Hate - The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden 16.2.19

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs Not often I get to see these guys in London, but they travelled down for a night at the Fiddlers Elbow.
We began the evening with a few beers and a meet up with some friends, plus a good long chat with the System of Hate lads, then it was time for things to get under way.
First to take the stage were The Good for Nothings. Not seen these guys before, and they made a very good sound, problem was they didn't really seem to fit with the bands that were also on the bill. They got a good round of applause from the crowd when they were done though. Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Eastfield - 16.2.19 The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden Next up were old favourites Eastfield who took to the stage and just blew the place apart. They were really on form and as the crowd grew so did the cheers and claps. I don't think I've seen an Eastfield gig that hasn't been superb and this was no exception.
We had all the old favourites like 'Another Boring Eastfield Song', 'Peace & Love Muthafucka'. '47002' and 'Fare Dodging'. It was a superb set from a really superb band.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: System of Hate - 16.2.19 The Fiddlers Elbow, Camden Barnsley Dark Punks, System of Hate, finally took to the stage and just launched into their set. Bloody amazing sound as usual and the crowd were behind them all of the way. It's not often that these guys make it down to London so it's always a treat when they do appear. Finally their CD was avaiable too .. only a few months late as the release was meant to have been Rebellion last year!.
They ploughed through their set mixing old tracks with the new and they went down a storm, with the likes of 'Sanatoria', 'Your God is Dead', 'There is no Madness Here', 'Unhallowed Ground', 'System of Hate' and 'Apostle of Pain'.
A really great night!! Good seeing bands that I now know very well too, just a shame that due to trains back home, I had to miss The London Sewage Company. Hopefully I'll get to see them some time soon..

The Casualties - The Black Heart, Camden 6.2.19

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs A new venue for me, The Black Heart, small but looks good!
This gig was due to be at the Underworld, but as they have had issues with their flooring, all gigs have been moved to other venues. I was a little surprised that a band like the Casualties had been moved to such a small venue but maybe sales weren't that good? I met up with a friend in the venue and had a couple of beers until finally we were ready for the evenings entertainment.
first up were The Unquiet Dead. These were a duo and although looking a little strange they werent that bad really. They worked though their set to a few punters who had arrived early and seemed to go down very well. Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Sick on the Bus - 6.2.19 The Black Heart, Camden Next up were Italian Punks Blatoidea. Now I've seen these guys many times before and they always put in a spirited performance, fast, loud and really just what you want from a band, in addition they make for good photos too! The crowd had swelled by now and a number of punters were throwing themselves around at front, so things were hotting up nicely.
They were followed by Sick on the Bus and this is where things started to get very messy. The place had now filled and there was push on the front, as Sick on the Bus powered their way through their set so the crowd increased and a number of times the monitors at the front and mic stands had be reset due to bodies falling into them. It was great, and Sick on the Bus really went to town.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: The Casualties - 6.2.19 The Black Heart, Camden Last up were The Casualties. These hardcore US Punks really get the crowd going and blasted their way through their set, with bodies flying everywhere around them, they still launched themselves at the baying crowd. By now it difficult to even move without being knocked into the stage area adn every few minutes the kit had to be reassembled once the offending bodies had been pulled out of it, but everyone seemed to having a superb time, so no-one cared.
We had tracks 'Feed off Fear', 'Ugly Bastard', 'Under Attack', 'System Failed', 'Get Off My Back', 'Casualties Army' and 'We Are All We Have'.
What a great night!! I managed to get out with my camera gear intact, although I do have a few bruises as a memento of the evening!

Headstone Horrors /Commited - The Castle, Sheerness 2.2.19

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs It's been too long since we last visited the Castle, a superb line-up to come back to.
Steve and I had football to attend earlier so unfortunately we missed the first couple of bands however when we arrived there were still 5 bands left to play.
So, after a long break we got to see P.C.F. with their quirky brand of Punk, Kay (ex Decadent Few) never fails to giev it her all with the vocals and as such make this a wonderfully strange band to watch, execellent! Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Headstone Horrors - 2.2.16 The Castle, Sheerness Next we had Swampstomper with a very new line-up compared to the last time I saw them, but still with the Punk/Rick n Roll sound, very deep and and very loud. An excellent band and it always surprises me they have not gone further. Paul looked ot be rather the worse for wear and managed to collapse into a heap amongst the microphones and speakers, all very good and very punk rock!
Russ Crimewave put in an appearance, as it was his 5th anniverary you'd expect it! He did his usual angry acoustic set with a few new numbers and really kept the evening running well. Always a pleasure to watch.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: The Commited - 2.2.16 The Castle, Sheerness Now the Headstone Horrors took up the reigns with their blend of Horror/Punk. A superb band and always put on a great show, this was no exception. They had the place rocking and even Daz was up dancing before his time on stage! They blew through their set and received rapturous applause when they were done. Was good to see them back playing in Kent again.
Last up were The Commited. As usual they blew the rest away. Daz throws himself around like a puppet banshee, leaping around and throwing himself on and off the stage. A superb band with superb tracks, and they made the most of the evening. Everyone was up by this point joining in on the floor and it was a great way to end an amazing evening.