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Rebellion London - O2 London Forum, London 24.2.18

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs Rebellion has finally returned to London with a one day festival full of quality bands.
This time I was on my own, no Steve. So I arrived early and picked up my photo pass ready for the day's excitement. Bang on time the first band, Grade 2, hit the stage. I've only seen these guys once before in Berlin and enjoyed them, this time they were just as good. They were followed by The Crack who I'd never seen outside of Rebellion Blackpool. They kept the pace going with a great set and were followed by one of my fave bands, Dirt Box Disco. For some reason they don't seem to do very well down south, plus it didn't help that the line-up was mostly Oi bands.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Cockney Rejects - 24.2.18 Rebellion London - O2 Forum, London Next up on stage were Peter & the Test Tube Babies. Another blinding set by them, with Sam bashing out the beat with his usual enthusiasm. They were followed by Gimp Fist who I hadn't seen for some time and I really enjoyed their set, as did most of the already packed Forum.
Following on from the Test Tubes came TV Smith & the Bored Teenagers. Never yet seen TV Smith do a bad gig, and this was no exception, he was superb, again not really his type of crowd, but he really got the place jumping with old Adverts tracks that we all know and love.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Cock Sparrer - 24.2.18 Rebellion London - O2 Forum, London Into the last part of the evening and we were treated to The Last Resort with a new guitarist, Fish from The Business! They got the place really leaping and were quickly followed by the Cockney Rejects who were really on form for the evening. They ploughed through their set and the crowd really responded. By now it was packed to the seams and the whole place was bouncing with the crowd singing along to all the Rejects numbers.
Finally the last band were upon us, and what a band too ... Cock Sparrer to to the stage to deafening applause and proceeded to take the place apart. The crowd were all over the pace and coming over the barrier in a steady stream. Sparrer did all their best known tracks, along with many from the new 'Forever album, they really were superb and great way to finish the evening.
Well, what a day, really enjoyed myself. Looks like I'm gonna do it all again at Rebellion Amsterdam in June .. can't wait!

Davee Wild Memorial - Canterbury, Kent 9-10.2.18

Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs A new year brings another chapter in the Davee Wild Memorial, two days this time, so there was lots to look forward to.
Both Steve and I had decided to attend two days of the Davee Wild Memorial, the first started at the UCA in Canterbury. Unfortunately two of the bands had to drop out, however another drafted in at very short notice, so it was Old Sweat who kicked off the festivities. They are only a two piece and not been playing together very long, however they were really very good! Stu, guitar/vocals, was previously in Ted DiBiase and has a really great punk voice. Following close on their heels for the night were The Spoilers, another very good local band with, again, Stu on guitar! The Spoilers are a great band and seem now to be going places with tours and album releases.
Next on stage were a superb band, who we have seen many times and always love, Knock Off. As usual they played their brand of Oi/Punk music and went down an absolute storm, it was a real pleasure to have them back in Canterbury again. Their set really got everyone up, and set the mood for the rest of the night. Our friends The Warriors were next up, and again they place was up and bouncing. The Warriors always go down well, doubly so on home turf. They put in a superb set with the old the old favourites and new tracks too.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Left for Dead - 9.2.18 Davee Wild Memorial, UCA Canterbury, Kent Last up for the night were Left for Dead. These guys try to play every year and never ask for a penny! They are superb on stage and the set they did was perfect. I love this band and can never get enough of them (their CD was then played in the car all the way home.). The crowd, although mostly three sheets to wind, loved it and were bouncing all over the place!.
day over, now it was time to make our way to the Mill pub in Canterbury for Day 2. First up were old friends P.C.F. They have changed and improved over recent years, and this set was the best we had seen them, really powerful. Next up were Surgery Without Research, one of the best Punk bands around currently. They are local boys and have been around quite a while, however with a recent line-up change, they have really found their niche and have become a real force to reckon with. They have had a number of releases recently and are now touring countrywide!! They were without one of their number for this gig, but it made no difference to the quality set they put in.
Ghirardi Music, News and Gigs: Eastfield - 10.2.18 Davee Wild Memorial, The Mill, Canterbury, Kent Following them came two bands, Shark Party and Pardon Us, both of who we had not seen before, but they turned to be very good indeed, however Pardon Us did come over as the better of the two and a real surprise package. After that it was time for the mighty Eastfield. Always a good gig and really lovely people to boot. They played an amazing set to quite a packed pub, and went down an absolute storm.
Following Eastfield is not an easy act, however Overload did it admirably!! I had only seen these once before at New Cross and loved them, they were superb this time too, so much so that I would have to say they stole the weekend! Brilliant set from a brilliant band. Penultimate band for us were Centurion Sect who were good, but coming straight after Overload, were a slight anti-climax. That said, the crowd loved them, with people up and bouncing around to their tracks. Last up were the Werecats. An all girl band which included two members of the Pukes. They were very good indeed! a real bouncy and bubbly mix of punk and pop, a great band to listen to, and they certainly brought he crowd to the front to watch and join in.
So, a weekend of bands in the memory of our friend Davee Wild. A huge big up to all the bands that played, the majority for free or just petrol money .. just what Punk was made for. See you all back again next year!