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Ghirardi Family Website

Music Collection

I have been collecting Punk, Goth and Indie music since 1977 and have built up a large collection. which you can see outlined below:

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Abrasive Wheels

Army Song
Vicious Circle
Burn 'em Down
Jailhouse Rock
Banner of Hope
The Prisoner
LP When the Punks go Marching in
LP Black Leather Girl

Acid Drop

CD Full Deck?


CD Beer Drinkers Survivors
CD Don't Ask for Permission
LP Welcome to the 3D era (Blue/Red Vinyl, Glasses, Poster)

Action Pact

Heathrow Touchdown EP
Suicide Bag EP
People EP
Yet Another Dole Queue Song
Cocktail Credibility
12" London Bouncers
LP Mercury Theatre - On The Air

Adam & the Ants

Young Parisians
Friends (+ Insert)
Dog Eat Dog
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Stand & Deliver (Poster Cover)
Deutscher Girls
12" Antmusic EP (+ Insert)
LP Dirk Wears White Sox
LP Dirk Wears White Sox (White Vinyl, Poster)
LP Kings of the Wild Frontier (+Booklet)
LP Kings of the Wild Frontier (+Booklet, Import)


Lunch with the Adicts
Chinese Takeaway
Viva La Revolution
Bad Boy (No Pic)
Picture the Scene (Red Vinyl)
Picture the Scene (Blue Vinyl)
12" Bad Boy (Shaped Pic Disc)
CD And It Was So
LP Sound of Music
LP And It Was So

The Adult Net


The Adverts

Gary Gilmores Eyes (Anchor)
Gary Gilmores Eyes
One Chord Wonders (No Pic)
One Chord Wonders
Televisions Over
No Time to be 21
My Place
Safety in Numbers
CD Crossing the Red Sea (Booklet)
LP Crossing the Red Sea
CASS Crossing the Red Sea

Agnostic Front

Iron Chin


CD Agrotoxico


Dying Man
Forgotten Hero
CD Ash to the Soil
CD Damaged Goods

Jaine Aire & the Belvederes

Call Me Every Night (Pic Disc)

The Alarm

The Stand
Marching On

Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias

Heads Down No Nonsense Mindless Boogie (Double 7")
Snuff Rock

Alien Sex Fiend

Hurricane Figher Plane
Here Cum Germs
Smells Like Shit
10" R.I.P
11" EST (Trip to the Moon)
12" Dead & Buried
12" Stuff the Turkey(Red Vinyl)
12" Ignore the Machine
12" R.I.P/Dub Track
12" Lips Can't Go
LP Acid Bath
LP Who's Been Sleeping in my Brain
LP Possessed (Signed,Postcards,Flyer)

All About Eve

In the Clouds
Every Angel
Road to Your Soul
Our Summer
Flowers in Our Hair
12" What Kind of Fool (Box: No.2686,Poster)
12" Farewell Mr Sorrow (No.2534,Poster)
12" Strange Way (No.1109,Gatefold Cover)
CD7 Wild Hearted Woman
CD7 Scarlet (Picture CD)
CD7 Farewell Mr Sorrow (No.4328,Tri-Fold Cover)
CD7 Strange Way (Picture CD)
CD7 The Dreamer (Picture CD)
CASS7 Wild Hearted Woman
CASS7 December
CASS7 Marthas Harbour (No.1733,Box Set)
CASS Scarlet & Other Stories
LP All About Eve

Lily Allen

Shame for You (No Pic)
The Fear (Pic Disc)
Not Fair (Pic Disc)
22 (Pic Disc)
CD Alright, Still
CD It's Not Me, It's You (+ DVD)

Marc Almond

Ruby Red
Stories of Johnny (Double 7")
The House is Haunted (Double 7")
Tears Run Rings (Box: No.5422,Book,Badge,Pics)
Only the Moment
A Lover Spurned (Square Pic Disc)
The Desperate Hours
Black Heart (+ Postcard)
Waifs & Strays
The Boy Who Came Back
You Have
In Your Bed (One-sided,Italian Promo)
12" A Lover Spurned
12" Tears Run Rings (Etched,One-Sided)
12" Love Letters
12" Mother Fist
12" Bittersweet
12" Waifs & Strays (Promo White Label)
CD7 Somethings Gotten Hold of my Heart
CD7 Days of Pearly Spencer (No.11238,Holo CD)
CD7 The Idol (Gatefold Cover,Scratchcard)
CASS Vermin in Ermine
CASS Mother Fist & Her Five Daughters
LP Stories of Johnny (+ Lyric Book)
LP The Stars We Are
LP Torment & Torreros (Double LP)
LP Untitled (Double LP)

Altered Images

Dead Pop Stars
A Days Wait
Happy Birthday
12" Happy Birthday (+ Print)

Alternative TV

How Much Longer
Action Time Vision
CD Viva La Rock 'n' Roll


Bomb in a Luggage Rack

The Androids

Lipstick Heroes EP (No.33,Luminous Vinyl)

The Ancestry

12" Covenant of the Righteous

And the Native Hipsters

There Goes Concorde Again

Angelic Upstarts

I'm an Upstart
I'm an Upstart (No Pic)
Teenage Warning
Murder of Liddle Towers
Last Night Another Soldier
We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Woman in Disguise
2xCD Bullingdon Bastards
LP Teenage Warning
LP We Gotta Get Out of This Place
LP Reason Why?
LP The Dirty Dozen
2xLP Reason Why (Red Vinyl)


CD Fuckology


Capitalism is Cannibalism
One Last Drop (No.271)
The Beg Society (Lyric Sheet,Stickers)
Split EP (Stickers)
Fear (Orange Vinyl)
They've Got It All Wrong
CD One Last Drop (2 Copies)
LP All for the Cause (Booklet & Poster)


Kill Kill Kill
I'd Rather Be in Japan!!!
Emigre (Promo,Release Sheets)
CD Die for the Government
CD For Blood and Empire
CD The General Strike
CD American Spring
CD American Fall
CD 20/20 Vision
LP American Fall (Purple Vinyl,Insert)
LP 20/20 Vision (Clear Vinyl)

Anti-Nowhere League

Streets of London
Woman (Pic Disc)
I Hate People
For You
This is War (Pic Disc)
12" Out on the Wasteland
CD Kings and Queens
CD Pig Iron
CD The Cage (Signed)
2xCD The Punk Rock Anthology
CD We are the League .. Uncut (Signed)
LP We are the League (+ Photo)
LP Live in Yugoslavia
LP Live & Loud
LP Road to Rampton (Purple Vinyl)


No Government / 1980
Let Them Free (Red Vinyl)
Six Guns
Caution in the Wind
East to the West
CD Rise Up
LP The Last Call
CASS Live at the Lyceum


CD At What Price is Freedom
LP At What Price is Freedom (Insert)


Out from the Void
Out from the Void (Cream Vinyl, Insert)


Made in England EP
Too Many People
Official Hooligan EP

Arch Rivals

CD One More Round
CD A Constant State of War

Arctic Monkeys

When the Sun Goes Down
I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor
Matador (White Vinyl,Sticker)
10" Flourescent Adolescents
10" Crying Lightning

Argy Bargy

No Regrets (Pic Disc)

Army of Lovers

12" Crucified (Promo White Label)
12" I Am
CD7 Crucified
CD7 Ride the Bullet (German Import)
CD7 My Army of Lovers
CD7 Judgement Day
CD Massive Luxury Overdose

Athletico Spizz 80

No Room
Hot Deserts
Central Park


Kung Fu (Fold-out Cover)
CD 1977

Daniel Ash (Bauhaus)

12" Get Out of Control


Tokyo (Yellow Vinyl)


Todays Generation
Murder in the Subway

Attila the Stockbroker

Cocktails EP


Strip me Down (2 Copies)
12" The Teachings of Web
LP Manipulate (+ 28 Page Book)

The Automatic

Steve McQueen (Pic Disc)

The Autopsy Boys

Rich Kids Playground
No Ambition (Green Vinyl)

The Avengers

We are the One