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Music Collection

I have been collecting Punk, Goth and Indie music since 1977 and have built up a large collection. which you can see outlined below:

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When the War is Over (Signed)
Subterfuge/Split Personality (No Pic)
CD Standing Alone

The Saints

The Perfect Day (No Pic)
One Two Three Four (Double 7")
Know Your Product (Demo, No Pic)
CD Front Row Festival 1977

Sanction This

Wipe Us Out EP

The Samples

Dead Hero

Scarlet Fantastic

No Memory (Red Vinyl)
Plug Me In (No.1917,Postcards)
CD7 No Memory


Adult/ery / Horrorshow

Sci-Fi Sex Stars (Sigue Sigue Sputnik)

12" Rockit Miss USA/Commercial Break (Import)

Scouting for Girls

7" She's so Lovely (Blue Vinyl)
7" She's so Lovely

Screaming Dead

Valley of the Dead
Paint it Black
Western Front (Clear Vinyl,Poster,Stickers,Lyrics)
12" Night Creatures
12" The Danse Macabre Collection
12" A Dream of Yesterday
CD The Resurrection EP

Screaming Marionettes

12" Like Christabel

Scritti Politti

Scritlocks Door

Seaside Rebels

Changing Times (Red Vinyl,Insert)

Section 5

CD We Stand Alone

Section 13

CD Burning Bridges

Segismundo Toxicomano

Una Bala

Sem Futuro

CD Sem Futuro

Sensa Yuma

On You
Every Day's Your Last Day


CD Samba Sessions

Septic Psychos

7" 1982 Demo (Green Vinyl)
CD Rotten & Rancid
CD Two Wrongs Make a Riot
CD Not Racist Just Bald!
CD Game Over

Sex Beatles

Well You Never

Andi Sex Gang (Sex Gang Children)

Les Amants D'un Jour
12" 7 Ways to Kill a Man

Sex Gang Children

Into the Abyss
Mauritia Mayer
Song & Legend (2 Copies)
12" Mauritia Mayer (Remix)
12" Beasts
12" Sebastiane
LP Song & Legend
LP Sex Gang Children (Live)

Sex Pistols

Anarchy in the UK (French Import)
Anarchy in the UK (2007)
God Save the Queen
God Save the Queen (No Pic)
Pretty Vacant
Pretty Vacant (French Import)
Pretty Vacant (French Import)
Pretty Vacant (Australian Import,No Pic)
Holidays in the Sun (No Pic)
Holidays in the Sun
Holidays in the Sun (Australian Import,No Pic)
Submission (French Import)
No-one is Innocent (2 Copies)
No-one is Innocent (Australian Import,No Pic)
Something Else
Silly Thing
C'mon Everybody
The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
Stepping Stone
6 Pack Collection (Six 7" in Wallet)
Spunk 7x7" (Box Set,Notes)
No Feelings (USA Import,Bootleg)
God Save the Queen (No.685,Pic Disc)
Pretty Vacant (Pic Disc,No.2301)
Pretty Vacant (Live,No.2550)
12" Anarchy in the UK (French Import)
12" The Biggest Blow
12" God Save the Queen (Poster Cover,A+M Label)
CASS The Heyday (Wallet Cover)
CD Kiss This (+ CD Live in Trondheim '77)
CD Never Mind the Bollocks
CD Scotland the Brave
CD Jubilee
LP Never Mind the Bollocks (Original)
LP Never Mind the Bollocks (+ 7" Submission,Import)
LP Never Mind the Bollocks (Red Vinyl)
LP Never Mind the Bollocks (German Import)
LP The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (Double LP)
LP Some Product, Carri on Sex Pistols
LP The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
LP Spunk (White Vinyl)
LP Never Mind the Bollocks - 30th Ann (+ 7" Submission,Poster)

Sham 69

Borstal Breakout
I Don't Wanna
Angels with Dirty Faces
If the Kids are United
Hersham Boys
Hurry Up harry
Questions & Answers
You're a Better Man Than I
Unite & Win
12" I Don't Wanna
CD The Evolution of Punk
LP Tell us the Truth
LP Hersham Boys (+ 12" Borstal Breakout)
LP That's Life


I am a Doll
10" Silver Genes

Sick of it All

CD Wake the Sleeping Dragon
LP Wake the Sleeping Dragon (Insert)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

12" 21st Century Boy TV Mix (Promo, White Label)
12" 21st Century Boy TV Mix (Import)
12" Cohete Robot De Amour F1-11 (Bankok Mix)
12" Love Missile F1-11
12" Trailer Mix/Love Missile F1-11
LP Flaunt It

Sick on the Bus

The Dog Sick EP (Split with English Dogs) CD Fuck Your Politics
LP Punk Police (Yellow Vinyl)
LP Go to Hell

Sins of the Flesh

Know Your Enemy


Here Comes That Day
About to Happen
Into a Swan

Siouxsie & the Banshees

Hong Kong Garden
Staircase (Mystery)
Playground Twist
Happy House
Arabian Knights
Peek-A-Boo (No.4240, Peek-a-Boo Sleeve)
The Killing Jar (No.5196,Gatefold Cover,Clear Vinyl)
Swimming Horses
Dear Prudence
Dear Prudence (Gatefold Cover)
Cities in Dust
Wheels on Fire
Songs from the Edge
The Passenger (Poster Cover)
Overground (Promo)
Hong Kong Garden - 35th Anniversary (Double 7",Gatefold)
CASS7 Peek-A-Boo (No.906)
CD7 Kiss Them for Me
CD7 Shadowtime (Tri-Fold Cover)
CD7 Face to Face (Fold-out Cover)
CD7 O Baby (CD1)
CD7 O Baby (CD2)
CD7 Stargazer (Fold-Out Cover)
12" Arabian Knights (Import)
12" Peek-A-Boo (Silver Dollar Mix)
12" The Last Beat of my Heart (No.3199,Gatefold Cover)
12" The Peel Sessions (Multi-Coloured Vinyl,Import)
12" Dazzle
12" The Thorn
CASS The Scream
LP The Scream
LP Love in Void (Bootleg)
LP Join Hands
LP Singles Album
LP Peepshow (Autographed)
LP The Scream 40th Anniversary (Blue Vinyl)

Sisters of Mercy

Damage Done (Import)
Body Electric/Adrenochrome
No Time to Cry
Heartland/Anaconda (Demo,White Label)
Temple of Love
Walk Away
This Corrosion
This Corrosion (No.3735,Box Set)
Lucretia, My Reflection
Doctor Jeep
Sins & Secrets (Bootleg)
Life (Italian Import,Book)
CASS7 This Corrosion
CASS7 This Corrosion (Bootleg)
CASS7 This Corrosion (Import)
CASS7 Dominion (Box Set)
CASS7 Lucretia, My Reflection (USA Import)
CD7 This Corrosion
CD7 Dominion
CD7 Lucretia, My Reflection
CD7 More (2 Copies, 12" Card Sleeve)
CD7 Temple of Love 1992 (Box,Postcards)
CD7 Under the Gun
12" No Time to Cry
12" Body & Soul
12" Reptile House
12" Walk Away
12" This Corrosion
12" Dominion
12" Dominion (Box Set, Poster)
12" Lucretia, My Reflection
12" More
12" Doctor Jeep
12" Doctor Jeep (Import,Poster)
12" When You Don't See Me (German Import)
12" Temple of Love 1992 (+ Poster)
12" Under the Gun (+ Poster)
CASS First, Last & Always
CASS Live at Wembley (Bootleg)
CD Floodland
CD Vision Thing
CD Some Girls Wander by Mistake
LP Floodland (Greek Import)
LP First, Last & Always (Gatefold Cover)

Sisterhood (Sisters of Mercy)

Giving Ground
LP Gift

16 Guns

We Were 16 Guns, You Fuckin' Weren't (Signed,Black Cover)
We Were 16 Guns, You Fuckin' Weren't (White Cover)
CD 24 Hours
CD Evil Man
CD James Bond
CD The Diablo Studio Recordings
CD What the Fuck has Happened to Punk
LP The Diablo Studio Recordings (Demo Copy,Lyric Sheet)


10" Step Back (Take a Look Around) (Pic Disc,Certificate)
CD .. For Your Age (Rebellion Copy)
CD .. For Your Age

Skeletal Family

She Cries Alone
So Sure
Promised Land
The Night
12" Just a Minute
12" Restless
LP Burning Oil
LP Recollect

The Skeptix

CD Live at CBGB's


Sweet Suburbia (White Vinyl)
Wide Open
Into the Valley
Masquerade (Double 7")
Working for the Yankee Dollar (Double 7")
Circus Games (Poster Cover
LP Scared to Dance (Pic Disc)
LP Burning Cities (Red Vinyl,Signed)


CD Pints Half Full

Slaughter & the Dogs

Cranked Up Really High
You're Ready Now
12" Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone
LP Do It Dog Style (Green Vinyl)

Sleeping Dogs

Same Old Story (Poster Cover)


Typical Girls
In the Beginning
Animal Space
Revenge of the Killer Slits
12" Typical Girls
LP Cut


CD Szkittles

TV Smith (Adverts)

War Fever
Xmas Bloody Xmas
Dangerous Playground (Signed)
CD Acoustic Serssions Volume 1
CD I Delete
LP Coming in to Land (Blue Vinyl)
LP Land of the Overdose

TV Smiths Explorers (Adverts)

Tommahawk Cruise
The Servant
The Perfect Life
LP The Last Words of the Great Explorer (+ 7" A World of my Own)


The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
Girlfriend in a Coma
12" Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
LP How Soon is Now (Triple LP, Portuguese Import)

Patti Smith Group

Because the Night
Hey Joe/P*** Factory
Dancing Barefoot
So You Want to be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
White Christmas (No Pic)
12" Privilege/Ask the Angels
12" Gloria (No Pic)
CASS Horses
LP Easter




CD The Early Years
CD Twat
CD I Don't Want You Back
CD Miserable Bitch

The Snipers

Three Peace Suite

The Sniveling Shits

LP I Can't Come (White Vinyl)

Snow Patrol

Set the Fire to the Third Bar
Take Back the City (No.2474)
If There's a Rocket Tie Me To It
10" Signal Fire (Shaped Pic Disc)

Social Schism

CD A Conflicting Mass of Media Misinformation

Soft Cell

Tainted Love
Where the Heart Is
Soul Inside
Down in the Subway
CD7 Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go
CD7 Tainted Love (Leather Wallet)
LP The Singles
LP Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
LP This Last Night, In Sodom

Soup Dragons

12" Mother Universe
12" I'm Free

Southern Death Cult

Fatman/Moya (Wrapper Cover)
LP Southern Death Cult

Spear of Destiny

The Wheel (Double 7")
All My Love
Never Take Me Alive
The Traveller (Box,Patch,Stickers,Lyrics)
Bottom Drawer EP (No.449, White Vinyl)
So in Love With You (Box,Lyrics,Poster,Badge)
Come Back
CD7 Never Take Me Alive (Extended)
CD7 So in Love With You (Metal Tin)
CD7 Radio Radio (Metal Tin)
10" So in Love With You (No.2518)
12" Come Back
12" Prisoner of Love
12" Strangers in our Town
12" Never Take Me Alive (Double 12")
CASS One Eyed Jacks
CD SOD the Epic Years
LP Grapes of Wrath
LP Outland
LP The Price You Pay

Special Duties

Violent Society
Bullshit Crass
Punk Rocker
Police State
CD The Punk Singles Collection


12" The Beauty of Poisin
12" Returning From a Journey (Import)
12" Returning From a Journey (Bat Shaped)
12" Sharp Teeth, Pretty Teeth
LP Batastrophy

Spizz Energi

Soldier, Soldier
Where's Captain Kirk
City of Eyes (Red Vinyl)
Here Come the Machines


6,000 Crazy


Two Pints of Lager
Two Little Boys

Spunk Volcano & the Eruptions

CD Injection


Take Me I'm Yours
Bang Bang
Another Nail in My Heart (Clear/Pink Vinyl)
10" Six Track (Newspaper Shaped Cover)
12" Cool for Cats (Pink Vinyl)

Star Fucking Hipsters

Passion of the Crust (Green Vinyl)


It Means Nothing (Pic Disc)

Steven VX

CD Rocket 21

Stiff Little Fingers

Alternative Ulster
Suspect Device
Straw Dogs
Straw Dogs (No Pic)
Gotta Getaway
At the Edge (2 Copies)
Nobodys Hero
Back to Front
LP Inflammable Material
LP Nobodys Heroes
2xLP Best Served Loud


12" Inside

Stone Roses

Elephant Stone
One Love (+ Postcard)

Stop! Stop! Start Again

CD Serge EP
CD Denim Boys
CD Vampyres (Signed)
2xLP Too Glam ... To Give a Damn

The Straps

Just Can't Take Any More
CD Brand New Anger


Something Better Change
Something Better Change (Pink Vinyl,Special Label)
No More Heroes
No More Heroes (Japanese Import)
Choosey Suzie
5 Minutes (No Pic)
5 Minutes
Nice 'n' Sleazy
Walk On By
Sverige (Swedish Import)
Duchess (Japanese Import)
Nuclear Device
Don't Bring Harry
N'Emmenes Pas Harry (French Import)
Bear Cage
John Peel Session 1977
Who Wants the World
Thrown Away
Let me Introduce you to the Family
Golden Brown
La Folie
Strange Little Girl
European Female
Nice in Nice
Skin Deep
No Mercy
Always the Sun
All Day & All of the Night
Grip '89
Sweet Smell of Success
Big Thing Coming (Red Vinyl)
Long Black Veil (Red Vinyl)
Walk on By (RSD Issue)
Peaches (RSD 2014 Release,Green Vinyl)
CD7 All Day & All of the Night
CD7 96 Tears (Metal Tin)
12" 96 Tears
CASS Black & White
CD The Collection 1977-1982
CD Decades Apart
LP No More Heroes
LP Rattus Norvegicus
LP Black & White (+ White Vinyl 7")
LP The Raven (3D Cover)
LP Feline
LP Aural Sculpture
LP Dreamtime

Strawberry Switchblade

Since Yesterday
12" Since Yesterday
12" Jolene

Street Dogs

CD Street Dogs

Strength in Blunders

CD7 No Sequal for You
CD Life at Midnight

The Strookas

7" Summer to Fall
CD Summer to Fall


Kleen Living Kids

Stunt Kites

The Action 5 EP


Loud & Clear EP (Pic Disc, No.62)
Blood and Dust (Blue Vinyl)
Just Play the Music EP (Lyric Sheet)


Demolition War EP
Religious Wars
Reason for Existence
Thought is Free (Flexi)
12" Time Flies .. But Aeroplanes Crash
LP Worlds Apart
LP Crisis Point (Smokey Black Vinyl,Stencil)

The Suburban Homes

12" Are Bored EP

Suburban Studs

No Faith
I Hate School

Subway Sect

Nobodys Scared


CD Cruel Winds of Tyranny
CD The Deafening Silence of Apathy


12" Changes
CD Beaster
CD Copper Blue

Sultans of Ping

Stupid Kid
You Talk Too Much
CD7 Teenage Punks
CD7 Wake Up & Scratch Me
12" Michiko (Pic Disc)
CD Casual Sex in the Cineplex

Super Fast Girly Show

CD Don't Go Down Gentle

The Surgeons

CD Under the Knife
CD Live at the Studio Bar, August 2014
CD Not Another Surgeons CD
CD Bored of Everything
CD In off the Bar

Surgery Without Research

Factory Life EP (No.06, Clear Vinyl)
Things Not to Like (White,Signed,No.6)
Fawk'em Manor (Clear,Inserts,No.7)
The Government Dream EP (No.7,Insert,Clear Vinyl)
Your God is Dead (Clear Vinyl,Inserts)
Punk? Wot?(No.33)
Thugs in Blue (Blue/Black Vinyl,Signed)
Thugs in Blue (Promo Copy)
All Fall Down (Clear Vinyl)
Simon Says (Red/Black Vinyl,No12)
Simon Says (Promo Copy)
The Jokes on Us
Factory Life EP (No.15, Red Vinyl,Insert)
10" Simon Says (Red/Black Vinyl,Insert,No.12)
CD Christmas Barmitzvah Party (No.42)
CD England (No.182)
CD Killing in the Name of God EP (No.82)
CD Sick of this World EP (No.55)
CD Factory Life
CD Punk? Wot? (No.33,Insert)
CD Thugs in Blue (No.14)
CD Please Daddy Give me a Gun
CD Death Comes to Little Bohemia
CD Fuck Authority, Fuck Conformity (No.100)
CD Vengeance (No.008, Lyric Sheet)
CD Discord (No.43)
CD We've Replaced Natural Death with Cancer, Aids, War & Murder (Insert)
CD Fawk'em Manor
CD The Government Dream EP
CD Grievance (Insert)
CD Live at the UCA Canterbury(Insert,Badge,Plectrum)
CD The First 7 Years of Failed Operations
CD A Cause for Complaint
CD Another Winter of Discontent
CD Killing in the Name of God (No.49)
CD Earth Asylum (No.7)
CD Free Promo 2018
CD Thugs in Blue (No.14)
CD Free Promo 2019
CD We Don't Need Fucking Six Strings
CD Clusterfuck (No.12,Insert)
CD Simon Says (No.35,Insert)
CD Simon Says (No.12)
CD Misanthropic Remains
CD The Dead Generation (No.9,Poster)
LP Greivance (Insert)
LP Live at the UCA Canterbury(Insert)
LP Earth Asylum (Test Pressing,No.10)
LP Earth Asylum (Blue Vinyl,Booklet)
LP Please Daddy Give Me a Gun (Clear,No.9,Inserts)
LP Cuts from the Slab (Red Vinyl,Booklet)
LP We've Replaced Natural Death with Cancer, Aids, War & Murder (Green Vinyl,No.3)
LP We've Replaced Natural Death ... Cursed Edn (Red Vinyl,No.45)
LP We've Replaced Natural Death ... Cursed Edn 2 (Red Vinyl,No.7)
LP We Don't Need Fucking Six Strings (White Vinyl,Booklet,No.13)
LP Clusterfuck (Green Vinyl,No.26)
LP Clusterfuck (Test Pressing)


CD This is Moscow not LA


CD The Slimetime EP

Swell Maps

Read About Seymore


Skinhead Moonstomp

The System

Consumerism (Popup Cover,Patches,Sticker)
12" Live (Test Pressing No.15)

System of Hate

LP There is No Madness Here (Signed)
CD Immortal EP
CD Insanity EP
CD Insanity EP - Industrial Remix
CD Unhallowed Ground (Signed)
CD Unhallowed Ground: The Forsaken Mixes
CD There is No Madness Here